Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Ways Coffee Will Help You Beat This Heatwave

We're in the middle of what will likely be the hottest week of the year here in Eugene. With the temperature topping 100 degrees, hot coffee doesn't have quite the same appeal, at least in the afternoons. So what to do when you really need that pick-me-up but can't handle the heat? We've collected five refreshing coffee treats to cool you down. 

Cold brew is incredibly easy and doesn't take any extra equipment to make. These simple instructions yield rich, smooth coffee that's great on it's own, or with add-ins like cream, vanilla, cinnamon or almond extract!

Adding some bubbles to your cold brew or iced coffee makes it extra refreshing! We've been making this with our Summer Blend and it's delicious. 

Who says smoothies are just for fruit? 

A simple way to turn some leftover coffee into a treat!

No churning necessary, it doesn't get much easier than 4-ingredient ice cream!

What are your favorite ways to cool down with coffee on these hot days? Leave a comment below!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Blend 2015 Is Here

Announcing our limited edition 2015 Summer Blend! This is an organic blend comprised of beans from Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic.  

A light-bodied blend with notes of honey, citrus, and a hint of raspberry.

Available Medium Roast only. Get this exclusive blend while you can! 2015's Summer Blend is only available through September 23rd

Questions or comments about this blend? Leave a comment below!