Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Coffee Feature: Organic Indonesia Sumatra

Hi coffee drinkers!

I'm excited to be getting this series of posts introducing our new coffees underway. I've decided to start with the Organic Indonesia Sumatra Grade 1. Honestly, it's my favorite of our new coffees, especially as a single origin. It's so smooth and chocolaty that it tastes like a mocha without adding anything! 

The Beans:
These beans come (obviously) from Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. They are grown organically, and processed using the wet process. Coffee is often graded based on defects, size, taste, etc and this coffee is a Grade 1, the highest grade. As with our other coffees, these are Arabica beans. I've noticed that these beans are longer and darker in color than most of our other varieties.

Olam, the importer we get our green coffee from, has this great graphic showing the processing. 

The Taste:
From our cupping notes: The distinct, sharp fragrance of this organic coffee has notes of fruit, especially blueberry. Spice, dark chocolate, and vanilla flavors give this coffee a very mocha-ish feeling. Complex but still smooth and chocolaty, the low acidity and full body make this a delicious coffee.
From Olam's cupping notes:, dry earth, red berry, sweet, big body

Featured in:
Organic Odyssey Espresso Blend, Tempest Blend

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-Jessamyn at Voyage Coffee Roasters