Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Cupping

On Saturday, we had our first cupping of 2014. We were mostly looking for a match to our Organic Indonesia Sumatra. Since it's one of our most popular coffees and essential to some of our blends, we need to restock with something very similar. We also ordered samples from origins we've never tried before, including Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.

Here are the tasting notes:

Sumatra FTO Grade 1 - KSU Tirmijaya Coop:
 Smoky, cinnamon spice flavor with notes of vanilla, raisins and butter, very low acidity, some sweetness and full body. An excellent match to our current Sumatra. 

Sumatra Organic G1 - Ketiara Coop: Earthy, with hints of almond. Light lemony acidity and some sweetness. Overall bright and tangy. Similar to our current Sumatra, but not as close as the Fair Trade.

Dominican Republic Organic Rainforest Alliance- APROCAFE: Rich and full-bodied, with dark chocolate flavor and hints of smoky tobacco.

Brazil Fine Cup - Fazenda Pantano 'Yellow Bourbon': A typical Brazil, very coffee-ish, with milk chocolate and nutty notes. Medium body and sweetness.

Bolivia Organic Strictly Hard Bean Euro Prep - Caranavi: Hints of jasmine flowers in the aroma, sour cherry and lemon tea notes, bright and acidic. 

Uganda Organic Rainforest Alliance Washed - Sipi Falls: Sweet and tangy, bringing to mind grapefruit and lemon with hints of buttery caramel.

Coarsely ground coffee, ready for tasting. 

-Jessamyn at Voyage Coffee Roasters