Thursday, January 15, 2015

Latest Cupping Notes

I was sorting through some folders and realized I had some cupping notes that have never been posted. These are from two different tastings, where we sought replacements for our Mexico and Ethiopias. Our new Dominican Republic is in there too! It's always interesting and fun to compare the different coffees and consider the factors that change flavor. 

Here they are:

Mexico Organic SHG EP - La Lagunilla Cooperative: Anise and sharp pepper aroma, caramel and nutty almond notes, medium-high acidity. A perfect replacement for our previous Mexico.

Honduras FTO SHG EP – Marcala: Woody fragrance, earthy, sweet melon flavor notes, mellow, medum acidity, low body.

Panama Organic SHB EP - Duncan Estate: Mellow aroma with chocolate and spice notes, vanilla nut flavors, medium sweetness with low acidity.

Peru Organic SHB EP: Earthy fragrances with hints of peppery anise, grass-like flavors with high acidity.

DR Organic RFA – APROCAFE: A sweet, raspberry jam aroma, flavors of honey, wheat bread, dried fig and berry. Low acidity.

Ethiopia FTO G2 Limmu Inara Farmers Coop ‘Debelo’: Muted citrus fragrance, tangy lemon and black tea flavors, with a little nuttiness similar to our former Sidamo, hints of tobacco in the  aftertaste. Low sweetness, medium body. This was our favorite of the three Ethiopias we cupped. 

Ethiopia FTO G2 Limmu Inara Farmers Coop ‘Bufata’: Very similar to the Debelo: citrus, and tea flavors but with hints of buttery caramel and medium acidity, medium body. Very similar, less sweetness, butter, caramel. Med acidity.

Ethiopia G3 Organic – Burka Gudina Estate: Sticky sweet lemon fragrance, flavors of dried fruit such as blueberry and apricot with a hint of dark chocolate 

What are your favorite flavors in coffee? Ever done a tasting or cupping? Leave a comment below!

-Jessamyn at Voyage Coffee Roasters