Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Coffee Feature: Kenya Peaberry Nyeri Gatina

Hello coffee lovers!

Here is Part 2 in a series of posts about our new coffees. Next up is the Kenya Peaberry Nyeri Gatina.  

The Beans:
Two seeds grow facing each other in most coffee cherries, causing one side of each bean to be flat. Occasionally, only one seed grows. The rounder bean that results is called a peaberry. Read more about Peaberry beans here.These are also Arabica variety beans. 

One of our round peaberry beans, Vienna-roasted. 

The Taste:
From our cupping notes: While sharing some characteristics of our Kenya Karatina, such as orange and caramel flavors, this coffee has a unique buttery-ness. Smooth and sweet, but with a little bit of tanginess. It has a wonderfully full body and excellent mouthfeel.

From Olam's (Our green coffee importer) cupping notes: sweet and sour citric and red fruit notes.

Featured in:
Safari Blend, Tempest Blend

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